Excel Time Tracker

This Excel Time Tracker template allows you to record the time spent is different activities. It’s a very straight forward tool where you can intuitively add and delete tasks. The tool does not use lot of ressources from your computer as it record only start & stop times and later calculate the difference.

Main Features

  • Chronomètre simultané pour différentes activités
  • Macros pour gérer les différentes fonctions
    • Ajout/Suppression de tâche
    • Remise à zéro individuelle ou complète
    • Représentation graphique des résultats
  • Time the different activities you would like to track:
  • Macros to handle various features:
    • Add / Remove Task
    • Individual or full reset
    • Visualisation of the results



To download this tool, click on the following link :


  • This tool is free
  • It can be modified by the user
  • Cannot be redistributed or sold


  • PC Excel 2016 : OK
  • PC Excel 2013 : OK
  • PC Excel 2010 : OK
  • PC Excel 2007 : not tested
  • MAC – Excel 2016 : not tested
  • MAC – Excel 2011 : not tested

Additional details

  • Language(s): English
  • Revision 2

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