How to Modify Holidays and Vacations ?

This Gantt Chart Maker is able to exclude holidays when calculating a duration. These holidays can be:

  • Bank holidays
  • Shut down periods of the company
  • Any other vacation period you want to exclude

First of all, as a pre-requisite, the gantt chart should be set-up as « Working Days Only » (Monday to Friday). This parameter can be set from the ribbon menu:

Or the left side menu:

Then, to set-up these holidays dates, click on the icon « Update Holidays »:

You will be transferred to the « Tools » sheet where you can update the holidays that apply to your project. You can enter any date you would like to consider as holiday, vacation or shut-down period. These dates need to be entered individually:

  • If the project members will be on vacation from 24th of December till 2nd of January, you should input each day gf this period in an individual row

In the Gantt Chart, these days will be greyed-out in the same way as Saturdays and Sundays.

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