How to Input the Start Date of a Task ?


You can manually input any date as a starting date of task. Select the appropiate cell and type the starting date. If there is already another date or another formula inside this cell, you can safely overwrite it.

Once you update the starting date, the gantt chart will reflect automatically this new input.


You can also decide to use the drop down list from the ribbon menu. Select the subject task then click on « Dependencies » and choose the appropriate option.

You can access this menu from the right-click drop down list as well:

From this list, you can pick your desired option:

  • After the previous task: the task will start after the previous one
  • With the previous task: the task will start at the same date as the previous one
  • After the following task: the task will start after the following one
  • With the following task: the task will start at the same date as the following one
  • Retroplanning with the previous task: the subject task will end with the start of the previous task
  • Retroplanning with the following task: the subject task will end with the start of the following task
  • Customized dependency : will open a specific menu that can link tasks between them

For more details about dependencies, refer to “How to set dependencies (or constraints) between tasks ?”.


For more flexibility, you can opt to set-up simple formulas to link different tasks or sub-tasks:

  • Select the cell that contains the « Start Date » that you would like to modify
  • Write the symbol equal « = »
  • Select any other date (« Start Date » or « End Date »)
  • Write +1 (to add one day)
  • Confirm by pushing « Entry » key

For example, if you would like to start a sub-task after the previous one, these are the steps to follow:

Based on the above example; you can play with this formula by adding or substracting more or less than 1 day. Also, instead of linking to the previous sub-task, you can make a link with any other cell of your table.

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